About Kumara Pitigala



About my self

Kumara pitigala 10 years experiences in relevant Felid consultation and helping in ground level to find out good place you to live or commercial activities. helping out in selling buying or renting


Objectives of kp property

For Sellers - FREE advertising of your selling properties with eye catching pictures, contacting and simple descriptive details. further publishing on other social Networks (FB,Twiter & populer e sites)

For Byres - To find out property according to your necessity , Quick contacting details , Your mind asking pictures from various angles , Live video calls from the site. Detail discription about property including all the good or bad features



For Sellers -we come to you Advertise property on your request find the byres bring to you on your ease

For Byers - According to your choice we go there with you ,we process it help to find a good property , we do it happen on your request.



Legal activities , Financial activities including bank loan processing are being helped on your requests



Introducing well experienced, Architectures,Civil Engineers,Building Contractors ,Designers,surveyors & valuers as per demand.
those who prefer are given expert Vastu vidya advices as well


Pay back

Our pay back is your happiness .
If you find your expectations at the end of process 3% of Government recommended brokers fee is accepted from the seller's side.



Believe on my efforts , Browse my officilal website, contact me , will be helped by best of my heart to find your precious Goal.



Do you need to Sell or Rent your property ?
Do you think to Buy New Property ?

Welcome to Kp property consultation.

post your add on my web with "free" of cost.